Terms & Conditions of Tax Services

Tax Liens HQ LLC, dba Tax Help HQ (hereinafter referred to as “Contractor”) is hereby authorized to preform certain tax services for the undersigned Client under the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement. 

VIP Tax Concierge Service Provisions: Tax Help HQ provides indefinite term, interest free financing with fixed monthly payments under our “VIP Tax Concierge” program. This program provides a comprehensive suite of tax planning, tax preparation, bookkeeping, accounting, business consulting, and marketing consulting services for individuals, families, and small businesses (with ten or less employees and less than $2.5 million in annual revenue). All other terms and conditions of this agreement are applicable to the VIP Tax Concierge program, with the exception of billing policy provisions regarding payment of fees and maintaining positive retainer balances. Under the Tax Concierge Program, members are billed monthly at regular rates for the services they actually use. However, members are only required to pay their minimum monthly payment towards their balance. Clients are advised that, under this program, their total account balance will continue to accrue with the use of Contractor services each billing period, but are only required to make their minimum monthly payment each month. Minimum monthly payments are subject to regular review for all Clients equally, and may increase at any time without notice. Clients may cancel their VIP Tax Concierge program membership at any time, at which time Client’s accrued balance is due and payable in full.

Scope of Services: Services will be performed on behalf of Client only. Contractor will use professional diligence to meet Client’s timing requirements and priorities. Client will cooperate with Contractor, disclose all relevant information concerning the matters we are handling, keep us informed of developments, and let us know immediately if Client is dissatisfied with any of our services. Client has the option of choosing between Full Service Representation and Limited Scope Representation.

For Full Service Representation, Contractor will provide the following services to the Client:

Obtain IRS account transcripts and verify accuracy of IRS account records.

Analyze Client’s financial condition to determine eligibility for IRS resolution programs.

Provide bookkeeping, accounting, and tax return preparation services as needed to bring Client into tax compliance.

Negotiate with taxing authorities toward achieving a favorable resolution.

Formulate, consider, and discuss potential tax resolution options with client.

Negotiate with taxing authorities toward achieving a favorable resolution.

File appeals on all proposed IRS collections actions for which appeals rights exist.

Provide advice to client as to information and documents the client can provide to assist in achieving a resolution.

Flat Fee Full Service Representation contracts are valid for 120 days from the date of this Agreement. Continuation of services after 120 days will be subject to regular billing policies as described later in this agreement.

For Limited Scope Representation, Contractor will provide a select set of defined services to the Client for a flat rate:

Offer in Compromise Preparation: Using Client-provided information, Contractor will prepare Form 656, Application for Offer in Compromise, and accompanying worksheets to determine Reasonable Collection Potential (the Offer amount), as well as Form 433 to accompany the application. Client is responsible for submission of completed application, payment of application fee, and providing ongoing supporting documentation as requested by the IRS. No guarantee is provided as to the outcome of the application, and no Power of Attorney services are provided. Fee: $750 per application.

Penalty Abatement Application Preparation: Using Client-provided information, including dates, times, and complete details of all supporting events, Contractor will prepare an application for removal of IRS penalties. No guarantee is provided as to the outcome of the application, and no Power of Attorney services are provided. Fee: $450 per application.

Client Responsibilities: Client is expected to be an active participant in the resolution of their tax liability. Tax Help HQ will require access to detailed financial information similar in nature to what you would expect to provide a bank for a loan application. Providing this and other information in a timely manner when requested is crucial to the successful resolution of your tax matters. Client will provide the following documents, information, and assistance to Contractor:

Any information or documents requested by Contractor .

Delivery of information, documents, or payments as requested by Contractor.

Prompt payment of compensation for services to Contractor.

Seek Contractor assistance immediately in the event of any tax notice or situation.

Follow all instructions, advisement, and meet all deadlines as communicated by Contractor.

Make all Federal Tax Deposits, Estimated Tax Payments, Installment Agreement payments, sales tax deposits, and other government payments in full and on time as required to establish compliance. Resolution is not possible without this compliance.

Items Beyond The Scope Of This Agreement: Contractor does not make any claims or assurances regarding the final outcome of the proposed tax resolution process with the IRS. The Contractor will not provide any of the following:

Guarantee of any result.

Representation of clients in any criminal cases.

Giving of legal advice.

Submission of Federal Tax Deposits to the IRS.

Receipt or processing of any tax refunds.

Receipt or processing of IRS or state tax payments.

Providing any information on avoiding paying tax or violating any law or regulation.

Representation of client in tax court.


Disclaimer of Responsibility: The parties specifically agree that under no circumstances shall the Contractor be responsible for any of the following:

Any adverse consequence, including levy action, because of Client delays in seeking tax help.

Any adverse consequence, including levy action, arising out of failure of the Client to provide information or by providing incomplete or false information.

Any adverse consequence, including levy action, as a result of the Client’s failure to follow instructions, meet deadlines, or follow through on the advice provided by Contractor.

Any adverse consequence by virtue of the Client obtaining additional tax obligations, failing to make required Federal Tax Deposits or Estimated Tax Payments, or failing to timely file required tax returns.

Any adverse consequence resulting from the Client making direct contact with the taxing authorities or through the actions of another representative that Client has appointed as their Power of Attorney.


Compensation: With the exception of Limited Scope Representation, as defined above, Client agrees to pay Contractor compensation for services rendered at the rate of Four Hundred Fifty Dollars ($450) per hour. For most matters, it is difficult to predict the amount of time that will be required, particularly where tax research, accounting services, forms preparation, and IRS negotiations are involved. Therefore, estimates of fees or costs are not guarantees or caps on the amount actually incurred. Time for which charges apply includes, but is not limited to, telephone calls, correspondence, emails, meetings, tax analysis and research, accounting, bookkeeping, review and drafting of documents, conferences, and travel.

Charges and Billing Procedures: We typically render statements monthly. Each statement will include the fees for services rendered and disbursements for services provided, such as postage, telephone, photocopying, word processing, delivery, computer research, staff overtime on specific research projects, filing fees, messenger service, and independent filing, or search services. In some instances, disbursements for in-house services may include the indirect expenses associated with providing the service. All charges will be billed against Client’s retainer or account, and all fees are earned at the time services are rendered. With the exception of VIP Tax Concierge members, the Client is expected to maintain a positive retainer balance at all times. When retainer balance becomes less than $200, Client will be notified and expected to make arrangements to deposit additional retainer amounts. All services are billed in minimum 1/10th hour increments.

Substitution of Representative: Since the professionals within our firm each offer a different specialization and area of expertise, Tax Help HQ reserves the right change the representative assigned to your case in such a manner as to best serve the Client’s interests. Particular services, such tax return preparation and bookkeeping, may contracted to another service firm in order to provide you faster service at a significantly reduced rate for those services. Client authorizes the sharing of necessary information with third party sub-contractors to render these services, and Contractor provides an assurance to Client that all necessary safeguards to protect Client’s personal information will be maintained and that savings from use of third party services will be passed on to Client.

Termination of Agreement: Either party may terminate this Agreement upon ten (10) days advance written notice to the other party. Termination shall not relieve the Client of the obligation to pay for services rendered prior to the effective date of termination. Upon any termination of my services, we will, upon Client’s written request, deliver to Client its papers and property. Client will retain these papers and property for at least seven years, and will provide me with access to those items upon request for any reasonable purpose.

Binding Arbitration of Fee and Other Disputes: We appreciate the opportunity to serve as your tax representative and look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship. In the event you become dissatisfied for any reason with the fees or the services we have performed, we encourage you to bring the matter to our attention immediately. It is our belief that most problems can be resolved by good faith discussion between the parties. Nevertheless, it is always possible that some dispute may arise which cannot be resolved by discussion between us. We believe that such disagreements are best handled via mutually binding arbitration. Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this contract, or the breach thereof, shall be settled by arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association under its Commercial Arbitration Rules, and judgment on the award rendered by the arbitrator(s) may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. For purposes of arbitration and court jurisdiction, this contract is entered into under the laws and court jurisdiction of the State of Colorado.

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