Tax Resolution Secrets

Tax resolution is the process of developing and implementing a solution to solve an IRS problem. The optimal resolution will solve the problem permanently and settle the tax liability for the lowest amount allowed by law. You have a number of different options available to you at your disposal to resolve your tax matters with the IRS.

However, most of the time, taxpayers are unaware of their rights and options. This is in spite of both guidance and dictates from Congress to the IRS to ensure that taxpayers are aware of their rights.

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The options available to you for resolving your tax liability include filing unfiled tax returns, disputing the tax on technical grounds, requesting the abatement of penalties, filing bankruptcy, negotiating an Installment Agreement, negotiating an Offer in Compromise, requesting Innocent Spouse Relief, expiration of the collection statute of limitations or even being placed in Currently Not Collectible status.

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One of the more well known options is the Offer in Compromise program. This program allows a taxpayer who owes more than they could ever afford to pay the opportunity to settle their tax debt for fraction of what they actually owe.

This book will show you, without excessive legalese and industry jargon, the exact procedures used by tax professionals to solve their client’s tax problems. With knowledge, comes power, and it is my hope that this book gives you the power to settle your IRS liabilities quickly and permanently.

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