Offer in Compromise Application Service

Are you ready to apply for an Offer in Compromise with the IRS?

The application process for the Offer in Compromise program is more complex than a personal income tax return. If you rely on a tax professional to prepare your tax return, then you should also rely on a professional to prepare your Offer in Compromise application.

Our OIC Application service includes the following services:

  1. Case review and financial analysis to determine OIC program eligibility. (Regularly $495)
  2. Preparation of one Offer in Compromise application (IRS Form 656) and accompanying Collection Information Statement (Form 433). (Regularly $995).
  3. Unlimited advisement in regards to your Offer in Compromise application with the IRS via fax and email for up to 9 months from a licensed tax professional. (Value: Over $2,000, but priceless for the peace of mind.)

That’s over $3,490 in value you receive from this service.

The real value of our Offer in Compromise Application Service, however, is the peace of mind in having your application professionally prepared, and providing you answers and advice as you navigate the OIC investigation process conducted by the IRS, which often takes 3 to 6 months. Having a licensed professional advising you along the way can make the difference between your Offer in Compromise being approved or rejected, but this service spares you thousands of dollars in expense on hourly fees and retainers.

Typical full service representation for filing an Offer in Compromise application runs from $3,500 to $8,000 with most national tax resolution firms. By managing the application process yourself, you save thousands of dollars (although we guide you through every step of the process!). This is the only program of it’s kind in the nation, that offers professional OIC application preparation and professional guidance through the process, but without the expense of Power of Attorney service and full representation. Your investment in the Offer in Compromise application service is only $697.

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Note: Due to the nature of this service, we offer a 7-day unconditional money back back guarantee. After your purchase, if you decide that this service is not for you, please notify us within 7 days and we will refund your purchase without question.

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