Kill Your Tax Bill

Discover How To Reduce Your Tax Bill, Maximize Your Refund, and Resolve Your IRS Problems Once And For All!

Are your tax bills killing you? Are IRS agents raiding your bank accounts, garnishing your wages, and talking to your friends, customers, and suppliers?

My name is Jassen Bowman, and I am an IRS licensed Enrolled Agent that specializes in tax debt negotiation and settlement. I do not have an accounting practice or do seasonal tax preparation — I work solely on cases that are locked in the IRS Collections and Appeals processes.

If you have a Federal Tax Lien issued against in the amount of $10,000 or more, I almost guarantee that you are getting bombarded with telephone calls and letters from slick sales guys trying to convince you to hire them to resolve your tax issues. There are a LOT of very important questions you need to ask these people, such as:Are you a salesman or a licensed taxpayer representative?Are you quoting me a flat fee, a retainer, or will I billed hourly?Is this flat fee REALLY a flat fee, or are you going to charge me more next month because my case is now “more complex”?What is the BBB rating of your firm? (Tip: Check BBB Ratings of Tax Relief Firms Here)Is the fee you’ve quoted me inclusive of all services, including required Appeals?Is an actual, licensed person going to work my case, or is most of the work being done by unlicensed assistants?Will I actually be able to speak with my representative when I need to?How many tax cases is my representative handling at any given time?Is my representative paid primarily on commission? (Huge red flag!)

I could probably make a list of 100 questions just like this. The vast majority of the time, you will not be speaking to a licensed tax consultant, but rather to a sales person who knows very little about taxes, the law, and how to evaluate your exact situation to present you with the best options.

If you would rather speak to a licensed professional rather than a sales person, then we should talk. My direct number is (970) 930-1040. That number comes straight to my desk. If you’d rather, please fill out the form below and I will contact you ASAP to discuss your tax situation.


Tax Debt:

Do you…

  • …owe $10,000 or more to the IRS?
  • …have 3 years or more of unfiled tax returns?
  • …owe more than you can afford to pay?
  • …have bank account levies or wage garnishments?

We can help!

Privacy Policy: We do not re-sell or share your information…period.

During your absolutely free, no obligation consultation, we will discuss your tax problem, and I will offer you concrete, no-B.S. advice on your options. I guarantee that, whether you use my services or not, you will leave your free consultation with something actionable you can do to alleviate your tax problem.

Although I rarely charge hourly fees for my services, when I do it is $180 per hour. Call me right now at (970) 930-1040 or fill out the form above and I’ll spend 20 to 30 minutes on the phone with you discussing your tax situation, give you action items to proceed with, and advise you as to whether or not you really need professional assistance (no sales guy is ever going to tell you not to hire him, but I will if that’s what is best for you!). This telephone consultation, a $90 value, is yours free just for calling.

Regardless of your situation, location, or type of tax you owe the IRS, there is hope! Our firm works with taxpayers in 43 states to resolve their state and IRS tax issues, and we work on all sorts of taxes, including:

  • Payroll Taxes
  • Income Taxes
  • Sales & Use Taxes
  • Estate Taxes
  • Business Taxes
  • State Withholding Taxes
  • Unemployment Taxes
  • Trust Fund Recovery Penalties
  • Heavy Vehicle Highway Use Tax
  • Wage & Income Reporting Penalties

Remember, it is up to you to exercise your rights as a taxpayer (you do, after all, have rights…don’t forget that). If you are struggling with what to do about your tax situation…if you need a levy released….if you need property discharged from a lien…then give me a call. That number again is (970) 930-1040.

I look forward to speaking with you about your tax relief options.


Jassen Bowman, EA

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