JK Harris Goes Out of Business

Back in October, the largest tax resolution company in America, JK Harris, filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11, which would have allowed them to continue operating and restructure their debts under a payment plan.

However, their largest creditor, which appears to have had a claim against the company exceeding $11 million, has decided not to allow them to restructure the debt, and has instead seized all the companies cash and assets in a liquidation of the company.

This means that, within the past 15 months or so, the 3 largest tax resolution firms in the United States have gone out of business, either by bankruptcy or government action. A little over a year ago, American Tax Relief in Los Angeles was shut down by the FTC, and the owners are facing numerous criminal charges. In early 2011, Roni Deutch was shut down by the California Attorney General, and Roni herself was disbarred and faced perjury charges.

JK Harris has been the target of several class action lawsuits regarding their sales practices and poor customer service. They have also been investigated by the Attorney General’s for several states.

If the closing of JK Harris has left you in a bad place regarding your tax matters, please contact me and I can steer you in the right direction.

6 thoughts on “JK Harris Goes Out of Business”

  1. A little over 2 years ago I was scammed by J.K.Harris for 36 hundred dollars.I see that they lost a lawsuit,which pleases me to no end.What they did to people was terrible.I am hopeing you could give me some imformation on the class action so if possible I could recieve some portion of the pie. For the past two years this has totally hurt my faith in fellow humans.My financial situation is poor and could certainly use the money as to help pay my tax debt.Knowing that they have got in trouble for thier wrong doing helps restore my faith in our society.If you could, please contact me. VERY APPRECIATIVE Kevin Kiernan

    1. I’m terribly sorry to hear that you were yet another victim of this shady company. The lawsuit they lost was several years ago. Currently, they are under bankruptcy protection — which means nobody is getting a dime from them. I’m not sure if there is a current class action suit against them or not, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Perhaps do a Google search for “jk harris class action suit” and see what comes up.

  2. Kevin I totally feel your dismay . JHK ripped me off for 1300 dollars. I also had to pay the original IRS bill with additional fees totally around 17,000. I did not know there was a class action suit. If you hear anything about another one please let me know. This has put me in a terrible financial slump which has taken years to recover from. I hope these people get there payback threefold. There should be a way that they would have to sell all their excessive assets like their penthouses and lamborghinis and pay everyone back there money. Wishful thinking. I don’t know how “companies” are allowed to deal with money and not be regulated by the government or even make sure they are legitimate by the BBB. Best regards, Anne Harris ( in Florida)

  3. I was “taken” by JK Harris for $4000 in an attempt to reduce my tax liablity in excess of $20,000. In the end, I not only owed my entire tax debt, but was also out an additional $4000. They really talked the talk, but sure didn’t walk the walk. That was 5 years ago and there’s rarely a month that goes by that I don’t think about it. I would love to be involved in a class action lawsuit and I am glad to see they are no longer out there taking money and giving no delivery on the promise.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that you had to go through that. Fortunately, they (and several other companies) have ben put out of business through either market forces, civil action, or legal action. I don’t know of any active class action lawsuit, but I’m sure if you got enough people together you could probably start one!

  4. In 2010 I was taken by J K Harris for almost $7k. I at first was told to request a refund. After sending forms and tons of phone calls in Dec. of 2011 they closed and later filed bankruptcy. I am part of a class action, but have been told I may never see anything after a long time. I still owe $35k plus interest and am making monthly payments that I can never pay off. I hope John Harris goes to jail for a long time, but he probably will not. He will use funds hidden in Camen Island accounts to stay off our legal system.

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