Good, Bad, and Downright Ugly Tax Resolution Firms

The second most popular page on my personal blog lists the BBB ratings of tax relief firms. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to keep up with that list over the past year, so it is woefully out of date.

However, I did recently find another Enrolled Agent by the name of Jay Freeborne that quite diligently maintains a very comprehensive list of tax resolution companies. When I found his list, he my company (Tax Help HQ) listed on the page of new and unknown firms, but after an email discussion, he moved us up to his “new, but acceptable” list. He called me an “interesting fellow”, which I’ll take as a compliment, and he seems like a good guy himself. I plan to meet with him in person in the next few weeks up in Seattle.

Since Jay does such a good job maintaining a list of new companies and the companies that are just going to take your money and run, I’m going to defer to his list if you are looking for that information. Here are his two lists:

Not Recommended – Companies With D to F BBB Ratings + Honorable Mentions

New & Unrated Companies, with commentary

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