Are you still struggling with tax debt?

When you originally signed up for the Taxing Times email newsletter, you most likely did so because you were looking for information on reducing your tax liabilities and fighting against IRS collections actions.

I do hope that the advice and tips that I share in the newsletter and in the blog have been helpful to you in working out a solution to your tax debts. However, if you are still struggling under the burden of IRS Collections, and are in a position where hiring full service representation simply isn’t financially feasible to you, I’d like to make you an offer of assistance that you’re simply not going find anywhere else.

I recently put together a comprehensive “Do It Yourself Kit” that includes the instructions for negotiating your own tax relief. This kit, which I’m tentatively referring to as the Personal Tax Resolution Toolkit, contains not only instructions for negotiating your tax resolution, but also includes little tidbits of “tribal knowledge” gained through years of working with the IRS that most people simply don’t know.

On top of that, the kit includes the necessary forms, template letters, and other materials that you’ll need in order to represent yourself in front of the IRS.

But wait, there’s more! 🙂

Since I want to get this kit into the hands of a few real life customers in order to have them put it to the test for themselves, I’ve decided to add in some additional personal guidance and assistance from myself in order to help out with their case.

Now as you probably already know, I take on very few new clients, and heavily guard my time, especially via the telephone. However, for the next few days only, I’m going to include some personal assistance as a bonus for the first few Personal Tax Resolution Toolkit customers.

What kind of personal guidance am I including? For the rest of this week, I’m basically giving away the store:

  • A 30-minute telephone consultation with me to review your situation and advise you on a course of action (worth $125)
  • Power of Attorney Service (worth $195): I will become your Power of Attorney with the IRS and monitor your IRS account activity.
  • IRS Notice Advisement (worth $495/year): Advise you on what IRS notices mean and what you need to do about them, as they arrive.
  • Investigation of Liability (most firms charge $500 to $1,000 for this service): Obtain and analyse your IRS account transcripts, and advise you as to what you need to do to correct them and what options may be available to you, such as Appeals actions.
  • 60 days of unlimited email access to me as you work through your tax situation (value: at least $2,500, if not more)

Again, this is only going to last for the next few days, and I can absolutely guarantee with 100% certainty that I’m never going to make this offer again, especially for such-a-low-price-it’s-almost-free. But, I want to get the toolkit into a few people’s hands so they can work with it and give me feedback on the system from the perspective of somebody that is not a tax professional.

To take advantage of this offer, or if you know somebody that could use this level of assistance right with an IRS tax debt, please visit the Personal Tax Resolution Toolkit page.

This offer will stand through Friday evening or the first five customers, whichever comes first, at which point the free access to a licensed tax professional will be removed from the offer.

If you’re still struggling with an IRS tax liability, take advantage of me now while I’ve got some free time, and save a ton of money over traditional tax representation.

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