Did Roni Deutch Leave You Hanging?

Were you a customer of tax resolution firm Roni Deutch?

If so, you are obviously aware of the recent actions against the company by the California Attorney General, which has seized all the company’s assets. In fact, Rony Lynn Deutch herself was disbarred and is facing criminal charges stemming from the AG’s investigation.

This situation has left many of Roni Deutch’s customers in a bind. If you are one of them, we understand and want to help you out. My name is Jassen Bowman, and I’m an IRS-licensed Enrolled Agent. I’ve been in the business for several years, and your case will be handled by myself personally. If you were left hanging by Roni Deutch, I’ll not only give you a huge break on fees, and also work something out so that you can pay the fee over time.

Call me directly at (877) 632-5083 so we can discuss your situation, and mention Roni Deutch.

5 thoughts on “Did Roni Deutch Leave You Hanging?”

    1. Wow, thanks for sharing that, I actually had no idea. This industry never ceases to amaze me, let me tell ya. -Jassen

  1. The Juceam Group and the Deutch family at the Juceam Group are now under investigation again for……………………..FRAUD! The Attorney general has charged them with fraud and is presently trying to freeze the Juceam groups assets, so try to get a refund FAST from Scott Juceam, Roni Deutchs brother

  2. Now that the ‘Juceam Group’ has been charged and pled guilty to more fraud, the Deutch family changed their name again to ‘OMG Tax’

    1. Yes, the brother, Scott Juceam, has developed his own issues as a result of the Roni Deutch investigation, and you are correct, he is now operating under the name “OMG Tax”.

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