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Who am I?

My name is Jassen Bowman. I am an Enrolled Agent, licensed directly by the United States Treasury Department, specializing in IRS tax debt collections representation, real estate investor tax advising, small business optimization, and international tax compliance. I am also the author of the comprehensive guide to resolving your own tax debt situation, Tax Resolution Secrets.

Please note that I am no longer accepting private clients. Please refer to the the book, or contact me for referral to a tax resolution professional that I have trained and trust in your local area.

If you are a tax professional and end up on this page, please visit CPEsuite.com for my tax resolution training and CPE, or TaxMarketingHQ.com for my tax resolution practice marketing and practice management insights.

I literally wrote the book on tax resolution…

My book Tax Resolution Secrets is the best-selling tax resolution guide on Amazon. It is available in both Kindle and paperback format. If you purchase the Kindle format, you will automatically receive updates to the book from Amazon when I upload new editions, which occurs once or twice per year as the IRS and Congress make changes to tax resolution programs. Order your copy today!

About Enrolled Agents

Enrolled Agents are one of the oldest Federally licensed professions in the US. Enrolled Agents were created in order to license individuals to assist the government in handling tax matters in relation to Reconstruction following the Civil War. Enrolled Agents have equal standing with CPA’s and attorneys in representing people in front of the IRS.

You can directly check with the IRS regarding the status of my license, and I encourage you to do this with ANY tax professional you are considering hiring (for CPA’s, contact their State Board of Accountancy, for attorneys, contact your state bar association).

List of state CPA boards
List of state bar assocations

To verify that somebody actually is an Enrolled Agent, contact:

Office of Practitioner Enrollment
P.O. Box 33968
Detroit, MI 48232
Phone: 313-234-1280
Fax: 313-234-1293
E-mail: epp@irs.gov

To check on the status of disciplinary actions against an Enrolled Agent, CPA, or attorney, contact:

Office of Professional Responsibility
1111 Constitution Ave., NW – Rm. 7238 Washington, DC 20224
E-mail: opr@irs.gov

Never discuss your tax situation with an unlicensed sales representative. Only a licensed tax professional (CPA, EA, or attorney) can legally give you proper tax advice.

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